About the Founder

Marek Gacek – Founder and Owner of Platinum Motor Renovations

Marek Gacek obtained a Master’s degree from Kraków Technical University, School of Mechanical Engineering (Automotive Construction) in 1981.

After graduation he gained his first practical experience in vintage vehicle restoration with Royal Motors of Manchester, Great Britain.

In 1984 he completed a Master of Science degree with the Automotive Studies Group of Cranfield Institute of Technology, Great Britain (now Cranfield University).

In the same year he joined the Austin Rover Group in Cowley, Oxford, Great Britain. His responsibilities included supervision of technical matters related to the Mini such as the introduction of disc brakes to this model in 1985 in co-operation with Lucas-Girling and acting as liaison engineer between the Rover Group and Lotus, in adapting 500 units of the Rover 3500 SD1 (Twin Plenum Chamber) Homologation Special for track racing. By the time he left the company in 1991 he had been promoted to the role of the Group’s Export Service Manager responsible for Far East markets.

Since returning to his native Poland in 1991 he has played an active role on the veteran car movement. A regular competitor participating in the Polish National Classic Car Championships, later organizer of national heats of the competition, as well as hill climbing events for classic and veteran cars.

Since 1999 a delegate to FIVA – Fédération Internationale des Véhicules Anciens (www.fiva.org) nominated by the Historical Vehicles Commission of the Polish Automobile and Motorcycle Federation. Currently a member of FIVA’s Legislative Committee.

In February 2010 he was appointed as one of FIVA’s 39 International Stewards and one of only two Polish Stewards. Experienced in preparing vehicles for the issue of the FIVA Identity Card. Extensive and personal knowledge of FIVA technical guidelines are a guarantee that restorations are carried out to internationally recognised specifications allowing vehicles to participate in FIVA events worldwide.