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About Platinum Motor Renovations

Platinum Motor Renovations’ specialist workshop for the restoration of vintage vehicles was established in 2004 as a result of a passion for and fascination with vehicles which have served us all for over 100 years. The workshop is located in Dąbrówka Szczepanowska, near Kraków, in southern Poland.

The construction and equipping of the 225 m2 workshop took a number of years. It now boasts an extensive range of specialist and traditional tools and machinery, without which it is impossible to undertake the complex renovation of cherished vehicles.

Several decades of specialist knowledge of the company’s owner, Marek Gacek, form the foundation of the business. Many rare and traditional skills are employed, unknown in contemporary workshops, such as body panel shaping using English wheels, the complex art of vehicle body leading and other skills now all but forgotten.

A dedicated and highly trained staff, carry out renovations with precision, accuracy, attention to the smallest detail, care and patience.

Vehicles carefully restored include the following models: Lancia Fulvia, Alfa Romeo Spider, Alfa Romeo Bertone, Fiat 124 Spider, MGB, MBC, Triumph GT6, Triumph Spitfire, Fiat Balilla (1934) and Fiat Simca (1936) and many others.

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